A Mobile Marathi Bigg Boss House is Touring Maharashtra for the Audiences

Colors Marathi Bigg Boss Bus

In no time Colors Marathi’s Marathi Bigg Boss has become a part of the audience’s lives! From the hosting of Mahesh Manjrekar to the little quarrels, tasks, nominations, bonding of the contestants & their inner politics all of it has kept the viewers on the edge of their seat! And the Bigg Boss house too has created a special bond with the audiences.

This iconic Bigg Boss house has been designed by Umang Kumar. And now a replica of this Bigg Boss house has been created for the pleasure of the audiences! And this house is coming to your city to meet you! In form of a bus, this Colors Marathi Bigg Boss house is going on a Maharashtra tour. This bus will halt at Ahmadnagar, Beed, Parbhani, Hingoli, Akola, Buldhana, Jalgaon, Washim & Aurangabad!

This house on a bus is an exact replica of three exact places from the actual Bigg Boss House. One is the garden area, the other is the living room & the third is the confession room. Moreover, the famous ‘Ba Cha Tv’ too has been recreated in this bus. 10-15 days were required to create this mobile ‘Marathi Bigg Boss House’! So make sure you experience this special treat designed specifically for the audiences when the bus reaches your city!


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