‘Charandas Chor’ A Film About A Spot Boy Releases on 22nd December

Charandas Chor A Film About A Spot Boy Releases on 29 December

Film making is a collaborative process; the director, a team of actors, a team of other artists & technicians & along with them there’s another element, the spotboys! How often have we seen their stories being told on the big screen?

But in the coming week there’s a Marathi film titled ‘Charandas Chor’ that tells the story of a good hearted spot boy who ends up becoming a thief as he robs away a colorful suitcase from the sets filled with 2 Crores Rupees cash! The cash that was brought on the set on the insistence of the director who wanted real money to make the scene more real. And even the producer agreed to it. But later they all run after the spot boy Charandas who has supposedly robbed those 2 Crores!

The character of this spot boy is not of a thug or a thief but of simple minded, good-hearted man yet he is named ‘Charandas Chor’! What could be the mystery? What situation would he be in? Why would he need this much money? All the answers will soon be answered at a theater near you from 22nd December.


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