Chahul’s Sarjerao aka Akshay Kothari uses a break for a long drive

Chahul's Sarjerao aka Akshay Kothari in Lonavala

We all know that, daily soap actors schedule is very demanding and they do not get free time. So most of these actors relax during the shooting schedule and fulfill their interests.

One such actor is Akshar Kothari from Chahul (as Sarjerao). Akshar is busy with films, theatre and daily soaps. However, during shoot of Chahul he came to know that schedule has been finished one day ahead and he can spend next day free. Akshar decided to go to Lonavala alone. His better-half Mansi Naik is also working in a daily soap so she could not join him.Chahul' Colors Marathi - Akshay Kothari

Akshar visited Adivasi pada (tribal village) on his way to Lonavala and had a lunch with the kids. The kids immediately recognized him from his serials Kamla and Chahul. All the villagers were excited to meet their favourite TV hero.