5 Year Old Prachiti Shines in Colors Marathi’s ‘MAD 2’ Dance Show!

5 Year Old Prachiti Shines in Colors Marathi’s 2 MAD Dance Show

There is no shortage of talented dancers in Maharashtra. Colors Marathi’s brand new dance show ‘2 MAD – Maharashtracha Assal Dancer’ is all set to give a platform to such talents. Their moto is to find the ‘MADness’ among these talented dancers. During the auditions of ‘2 MAD’ many dancers of all ages presented their skills & talents in front of the judges. But due to the rules of age-limit kids were not selected for further rounds, but they still impressed one & all present over there.

One such exceptionally talented child was a 5 year old girl named Prachiti. Her dancing skills, expressions & her cute talking won hearts of the judges. Judges that include the beautiful Amruta Khanwilkar, choreographer Umesh Jadhav & filmmaker Sanjay Jadhav gave a standing ovation to Prachiti. Due to the age-limit Prachiti couldn’t be selected for the competition but the judges declared that Prachiti will be performing in the final event of ‘2 MAD’!

Amruta danced along the little Prachiti, Umesh Jadhav clicked selfies with her whereas Sanjay Sir wanted to take her home! Such a phenomenal start to ‘2 MAD’ suggests what a fun show it’s going to be throughout. So don’t forget to tune into Colors Marathi to watch ‘2 MAD – Maharashtracha Assal Dancer’ on Monday & Tuesday at 9.30 pm.