Welcome To Jungle Marathi Movie Cast,Story,photos

Guru Mauli Creation Presents A Marathi Movie “Welcome To Jungle”

  • Movie : Welcome To Jungle
  • Produced by : Sagar jayshing Kale
  • Director – Sanjay K. Jadhav
  • Manager – Vijay Chavan
  • Cast : Devendra Chougale (AS Ram), Mahesh Kothare, Ruchita Jadhav (As Anuska), Milind Shinde (As Tongra), Deepali Sayyad (As Anjali), Ganesh Mayekar(As Dheeraj), Dadu Sankpal (As Rajat), Nitin Kulkrani (As Sam)
  • Story by : Girish Udale
  • Release Date – 30th August  2013

Synopsis :

Jungle – Obscure, Charming, mysterious……. yet ever attracting! Its a strange but wonderful story happening in the Jungle.
Anjali Naik is the botany scientist, while she is the Jungle in search of particular plant mysteriously gets disappeared ‘A renowned lady’ scientist gets disappeared when working on government campaign. This news burdens government hence the case is handovered to IB.
IB Chief (Mahesh Kothare) selects the bravest and most reliable officer Ram (Devendra) to gather evidences regarding the case.
Ram reaches to the Jungle – ‘Meghzumbar’ before this incident, 8 to 9 genius people were disappeared in this Jungle. Same time a team of a channel with their head reporter Anushka (Ruchita) reaches there but negative approach Sam spoils the environment. Ram saves Anushka from her deadly incident. Then they all decide to go ahead together.
They stay at rest house. The manager of the rest house (Vijay Chavan) seems to be suspicious. They leave the rest house and go ahead, but suddenly they face an accident where all fell down in a valley, expect sam. Luckily all were saved and their mysterious journey in the Jungle gets started.
Bioregion people attack them while travelling through fearful jungle. Ram fights strongly but they all are caught. Obregon knight (Milind Shinde) rescues them & gets gets ready to help them.

Photos : 

Welcome To Jungle Marathi Movie Trailer (Official) :


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