Khara Sangu Khota Khota (2013) Marathi Movie

Khara Sangu Khota Khota Marathi Movie (2013)
  • Movie : Khara Sangu Khota Khota (खंर सांगू खोटं खोटं)
  • Studio : Abhiruchi Films
  • Production : Sarav production
  • Director : Sanjeev Naik
  • Star Cast :
    • Ashok Saraf as Dhandalkar
    • Sayaji Shinde as Dhandle Patil
    • Nirmiti Sawant as Nani Saranjame
    • Analesh Desai as Dushyant
    • Trishala Shah as  Yashaswi
    • Hemangi Velankar
    • Dipjyoti Naik
  • Assist. Director : Nilesh N. Dicholkar, Mahabaleshwar Narvekar
  • Cinematographer : Manjunath Nayka
  • Editor : Sanjeev Naik, Umesh Rane
  • Choreographer : Domnic alvaris, Shailendra Koli
  • Art Director : Tejaswini Arts
  • PRO : Ganesh Gargote
  • Publicity Designer : Abhijeet Borkar
  • Writer : Ramchandra Sadekar
  • Lyricist : Aarati Desai
  • Music Director : Shreerang Aras
  • Singers : Awadhoot Gupte, Vaishali Samant, Vaishali Made, Swapnil Bandodkar, Shivprasad Mallya
  • Sound Designer : Suresh Paswan
  • Recording Studio : Swar lata
  • Dolby Engineer : Anchal Kumar (B.R. recording)
  • Photographer : Unmesh Dabholkar

Synopsis :
‘Khara Sangu Khota Khota’ is set on the backdrop of a village- Dhandalgaon, which has witnessed traditional rivalry between two neighbours. Dhandle Patil ( Sayaji Shinde) and Dhandalkar ( Ashok Saraf) are involved in all such acts, to show their supremacy in the village. The enmity between these two has reached such a stage that it has become a pass time of the villagers. So much, so that some notorious people play the role of adding fuel into fire, by instigating them against each other.

Incidentally, the children of these two rivals study in the same college in a city. Forgetting the rivalry of his father with Dhandle Patil, Dushyant ( Anlesh Desai), son of Dhandalgaonkar is madly in love with Dhandle Patil’s daughter Yashaswi ( Trishla). To win her love, he fails twice, so that he could be in her class. Yashaswee, who is well aware of the rivalry; initially plays safe, to keep Dushyant away.

But, the time comes; when both the children are invited by their parents to the village and they travel in the same bus. In the meanwhile, the arrival of an enterprising and wholehearted character of Nani Saranjame ( Nirmitee Sawant) who is a spinster running a marriage bureau; brings them together. But, on reaching their respective places; begins the real trouble for both. However, the interaction of Nani with Dhandle Patil and Dhandalgaonkar , gives rise to humour filled situations; only to flourish the love between Dushyant and Yashasree.