Janiva (2015)

Janiva Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Janiva (2015)
  • Producer : Milind Vishnu, Rajesh Ranshinge, Reshama Vishnu and Srman Jain
  • Director : Rajesh Ranshinge
  • Studio : Blue Eye Productions & Arvana Productions
  • Star Cast : Satya Manjrekar and new comers Vaibhavi Sandilya, Anuradha Mukharjee, Devdutt Dani ,Sanket Agarwal, Kiran Karmarkar, Renuka Shahane, Atul Parchure, Indira Krishnan,Salil Ankola, Usha Nadkarni,Kishore Kadam
  • Writter : Rajesh Ranshinge
  • Screenplay and Dialogues : Nilesh Upadhye
  • Lyrics : Mangesh Kangane
  • Singers : Daler Mehndi, Neha Kakkar and Jasraj Joshi
  • Music : Harshwardhan Dixit
  • Choreography : Longinus Fernandes and Augustus Pereira
  • Editing : Rajendra Kapadia
  • Line producer : Vikas shrivastva
  • Associate Producer : Deeya Patel
  • Creative head : Pavan Vaidya
  • Executive Producer : Manoj Sarang, Stylist Rashmi Sawant
  • Art Director : Shreekumar Nair
  • Post Production : Raghu-Farhan
  • Direction Team : Abhishek Bhandare, Abhinav Sharma
  • Genre : Youthful Social Drama
  • Release Date : 31 July 2015

Story Outline : The script of the movie revolves around the fun filed life of five teenagers. Compelling, profound and complex, it is a contemporary story of a teenager Sameer Deshpande who portrays an image of a protagonist is progressive-thinking, creative, tech-savvy, yet socially responsible. He upholds age-old values like honesty, integrity and uprightness. This bunch of five is a fun loving group owns a rock band who spreads social awareness through their new lingo songs and also raises fund for various social cause and with the help of social media like facebook , twitter and youtube and other web technology they make sure that the fund raised by them reaches the right people with any corrupt interference. There is thrill and adventure which is inbuilt in them the film also focuses on platonic love angle between Sameer and his female friend and then there happens an injustice towards a victim on a social networking platform and sameer’s life takes an intriguing turn. This leads him to think the difference between justice and injustice and thus he takes a call to challenge the system in his own way noticing the fault is in system itself.

Janiva Marathi Movie Still Photos/Posters  :

Janiva Marathi Movie Still Photos/Posters  :