Dusaryaa Jagatali Story,Cast,Review,Photos

Movie: Dusaryaa Jagatali
Produced By : Satish Ranadive
Directed By : Satish Ranadive
Written By : Dr. Bhal Patil
Cast : Raj Dutt, Madhu Kambikar, Nanda Ranadive, Pramod Shinde, Suzan Burnet, Nush Nobart, Prasad Mali, Child Artist Vaishnavi Ranadive
Music – Shashank Pawar, Manohar Golambari
Lyricist  – Madhukar arkade
Screenplay By : Satish Ranadive
Cinematography – Sharad Chavan
Genre : Social Drama,Fiction
Awards –  MH Govt Awards – Best Social Film n Best Film
Release Date : 10 August 2012
Plot Outline : “from another world”
Story :
This is story of those newly born babies who are thrown garbage to die or to be eaten by dogs & cats which is now days often seen scenario.
This story of endless wait as an lifetime punishment or those innocent orphans to see & meet their parents.
This story of orphans girls losing their shelter while growing from minor to major by law, forcing them to live tedious & hazardous life.
This is story of struggle of the orphanage management to find suitable & deserving parents for adoption of their children in orphanage.
This is also story of an orphan girl named ‘RAMI’ who get experiences the values of the relationship between father-mother, brother-sister love & affection showered on then realize what she has missed & them realize what she has missed & thereby get detruded.
By this film ‘Dusarya Jagatali’ I have made humble effort to project deprived aspect of the society in the life of orphans.

Movie posters/Photos :