Sai Tamhankar Interview : I have started loving myself more

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Sachin Kundalkar’s Vazandar makes an amazing entry on the box office. As the title suggests, the film is about two girls who are over-weight. Our industry always seems to make fun of such people. However, Kundalkar takes a very different approach to this matter. Sai Tamhankar has known for her curvy yet maintained figure. For this film, she has gained some kilos! We spoke with this true glamour diva about what makes her choose such films and what is her fitness mantra. Here are some excerpts from this interview.

You seem to be taking a different approach towards your career. What prompted you to choose such different roles (Family Katta, Balasaheb, Vazandar etc)?

I think motivation lies in the word ‘different’. ‘To be different’ is my biggest motivation. I try and be different in every film and fortunately I’m being approached for different characters, nothing could have been better than this. So when the character is different, out of the box, challenging and something which I haven’t done before that attracts me the most and that’s how I end up choosing different roles.

Gaining a weight is not quite easy. How did you lose so much weight? What is your fitness mantra?

Patience and Time is the mantra. I’m still losing weight for the ideal weight that I want to be in. It took me 8 months to lose the weight that I had gained and I’m still in the process to lose it. Definitely gaining weight and losing weight, both are difficult and mentally challenging procedures. Gaining weight and then again losing weight has taught me a lot and has changed as a person. I have embraced that change very gladly and now I’m comfortable with my body no matter what size I’m. I have started loving myself more.

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You have also taken an interest in film-making recently. Would you be directing or producing in near future?

Not really in film making. I assisted the Art department for Vazandar. Yes I’m continuously exploring different areas related to my field. I don’t know whether I will be producing or directing in the near future. But I’m thinking of producing Hindi plays. Let’s see how and when it happens.

How was your experience working with Priya Bapat and Sachin Kundalkar?

It was extremely enriching. Sachin is one of those very few directors who has got a great sense of aesthetics, color pallets and flavours and Priya is one of the most hardworking and sincere co-actor I have ever come across. I have learnt a lot from her and it was quite pleasant working with both of them.

What are your next projects?

The projects coming up in 2017 which I’m looking forward to are Love Sonia and Rakshas. Love Sonia is the international film which I’m a part of and Rakshas is a Marathi film and the script of this film was selected for the Drishyam Sundance Writers’ Lab. So these are the two projects which I’m looking forward to the most.

You have done a film like Hunterrr in Hindi. When we will be seeing you again in Hindi films.

Love Sonia film is partly Hindi and English.


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