Love is all around for Kishori Shahane Vij

Kishori Shahane Vij 3 A EditKishori Shahane Vij is not an unfamiliar name to Bollywood and Marathi film industry. Graduated from Mithibai College (Mumbai), She was crowned with the Miss Mithibai beauty pageant award. She entered into Marathi films and shot to fame with Maherchi Sadi and Wajva Re Wajva. Her stage performances in plays bought her recognition as a complete actress. She worked in Marathi blockbuster films like Ek Daav Dhobi Pachad, Atmavishwas and Navra Majha Navsacha. Deepak Balraj Vij, An ace Hindi filmmaker noticed her talent and gave her films such as Hafta Band (1991) and her Bollywood Journey started. She became popular with her performance in serials like Ghar Ek Mandir, Jassi Jaisi Koi Nahin, and Sindoor.

She is also a classical and folk dancer who performed on stage in India and abroad. She also took part in the Mrs.Gladrags Beauty Peageant show and won Mrs.Gladrags Runner-up in 2003. Versatile
Kishori Shahane Vij goes in a heart-to-heart candid chat with Faisal Saif on her Career, Life and Romantic journey..

You were never a career-minded spirit?

I was very good academically as i came from a Middle Class Marathi family. But Acting was my Hobby from my childhood. Plus i had encouragement from my parents. During my 9th Std, I got a chance to perform a Folk Ballet called “Durga Zhaali Gauri”. I realized that my talent was emerging. Slowly, I moved on to do professional plays. After doing some good plays, I started getting offers for Films. I got picked up for my first ever Marathi film “Prem Karuya Khullam Khulla” along with Ashok Saraf as the leading man in it. And that’s how my career took a start.

How young you were while you got your first break?

I was in my 11th Std and it was very exciting and shocking for me because my both the leading men Ashok Saraf and (Late) Laxmikant Berde were stars in Marathi Cinema. But i was very firm back of my mind that i will not let  my education get ruined because of my career. I wanted to balance my Career and Education both in the same platform, And i successfully did that. With this thought, While i became a Commerce Graduate, I realized that i had done 20 Marathi Films!

And what about Hindi Films?

While doing Marathi Cinema, I did got offers from Hindi Films as well. But i did not had a proper connection with Hindi Film industry people. When i was in my 16 years, Bollywood started recognizing my Talent. But it was my husband Deepak Balraaj Vij who gave me my first break in Hafta Bandh (1991). I did a very strong and supporting role in the movie, But my Marathi Film industry people were very curious about why i was not doing leading roles in Hindi Films! I had a Mind Set that i would only do leading roles in Marathi Films and will do strong supporting roles in Hindi. I was never very ambitious to play a Lead in Hindi Films for the most important reason that Hindi Cinema was too crowded and i was scared that i will get lost in the crowd.

You never spoke much about your Romance with Deepak Balraaj Vij, When did that started?

We became good friends during the making of Hafta Bandh. I was very much involved with my work as i was working from a young age. When i entered Hindi Films, Some of my Marathi Films were left behind. That’s how i got some extra time for “Love”. (Laughs). Me and Deepakji used to meet in our respective extra time during Rehearsals, Photo-shoots, Story-sittings etc. That was the time when our romance got developed.

Did he ever thought of gifting you a Bouquet walking down at any of your Film’s shoot?

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(Laughs). No ways! Our love affair was very “Hidden” one. In fact, You won’t believe i used to go on dating with him wearing a “Burkha”. Because i was a Famous Marathi actress and to avoid every eye, I asked my designer to design a Burkha for me. So whenever me and Deepakji went to a Restaurant or less public area, I used to remove that Burkha. I even used to wear that Burkha while i used to go for my Graduation’s final examinations.

And what was your Family Reaction? Was it very ‘Filmy’?

My Parents were the good support all my life. They always stood beside me for all the advices. Deepakji is a Punjabi and my parents always made me aware that i will be facing a new culture altogether and i have to be ready for it. A proper cordial meeting started in between my family and Deepakji’s family. A cultural exchange started taking place. My father was always worried if my Talent would be killed after i get married? It was Deepakji who assured my Dad that nothing of that sort will happen and she can continue with her acting always. And me too was having a simple pattern of life that at the age of 15-16 i will concentrate on my career, At the age of 22-23 i will get married and settle down and after that i will again start working. With god’s blessings, Everything went exactly as i planned and i am happy for it.

And what was life after you got Married? You also took a 4 year gap to make a come-back..

After marriage i almost took a 3 year gap. But by that time, I had done almost 40 to 50 films. While i was getting married i was very satisfied as i had done a huge amount of work. I donated all my “Wigs” and “Make Up Kits” to my Make up designers and my staff hoping that i may never come back. And after 3 years, It was my “In Laws” who encouraged me again to not to waste my talent at home. I started my acting career again in T.V.Serials with the support of my Father-In-Law and my husband.

T.V.Serials? And Films?

You see that time my son was growing. His nursery, His academic work etc. I had to refuse many Marathi films because that were all shot outdoor. And i couldn’t afford to take an outdoor risk especially if i have to be attentive towards my Family, Home and my growing Son. I also started helping my husband in managing his productions.

What would be your kind of Fashion statement?

According to me wear what suits you the best. Because what i like to wear is Free Clothing. In my regular lifestyle, I wear Comfortable clothes like my Jeans and my Kurti etc.


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