Biopic on Mundeji is a fitting tribute to him: Sangharsh Yatra producer

Sangharsha Yatra Upcoming Marathi Movie

By: Keyur Seta

The news about the biopic on the late Gopinath Munde, titled Sangharsh Yatra, is doing the rounds since few months. But not many details have been disclosed about the movie till date.

So, here is Raju Baji, Vice President of the BJP Chitrapat Union, the producers of the film, sharing more details about Sangharsh Yatra.

When did you think of making a biopic on the late Gopinath Munde, Sangharsh Yatra?

We started shooting from April this year. We didn’t think of the biopic when Mundeji passed away because, obviously, our state of mind wasn’t such then. But later on, we thought that as he has done a lot for us and others, his name should stay immortal. When we were thinking as to how we can give a fitting tribute to him, we thought that making a film on him is the best option. People should know his good deeds. Our intention is to show his life struggle, work, his thoughts, the condition of his parents, etc.

Normally, biopics are made years after a personality passes away. But in this case, you have come up with a biopic quite soon after the passing away of Mundeji.

We were eager to showcase his life struggle to the people. That’s the reason why we started working on it soon.

Will the movie focus on his life since childhood or only his political career?

We will be showing his entire life, right from his childhood days. The film will portray real incidents from his life, exactly the way they happened. We discussed a lot with his family about the various instances from his life about what exactly he did for the society, even when they were not in power. Likewise, we researched and made the film. We have made a biopic like a biopic.

Any close friends of Mundeji that you have focused on?

Yes, we have. Mundeji, Pramod Mahajan and Vilasrao Deshmukh were the closest of friends, right from the college days till the time they entered politics. We have focused on this aspect too.

Mundeji played a big role in the satta parivartan in 1995. So, have you also shown any opposition leaders in the film?

Yes, we have shown opposition leaders. The film will surely feature Munde saheb’s role in the satta parivartan and how it happened.

What was the reason for zeroing down on Sakar Raut as the director?

The thing is that we have no such experience in films. I am only the Vice President of the BJP Chitrapat Union. As far as Sakar Raut’s selection is concerned, I have personally seen him work on the sets of his films, Hatke Love Story and Shivya. His film Kalakaar is already released. After seeing his work, I felt he would be able to handle a biopic well. He is also my close friend. There are other capable directors too, but it is good to give preference to our close friends for such a project. It is all about fate.

How was the experience of working with Raut’s Team SR?

Sakar has a completely young team. They do such beautiful work, without any greed for money. They work wholeheartedly. I have observed them on sets.

This biopic is for a noble cause. So, are you also concerned about the film’s box office success?

We have left that completely on Sakar. As I said before, we don’t possess much knowledge in this arena. We are totally dependent on Sakar. We feel whatever he is doing is good.