Navar Devachi Farmaish Hay : Rana-Anjali Wedding Song – Tujhyat Jiv Rangala

राणादाच्या लग्नाची तयारी जोरदार सुरु आहे मंडळी..वरातीच्या धमाल गाण्याची ही झलक पहा आणि या गाण्यावरील तुमच्या जबराट dance moves चा व्हिडिओ आम्हाला इनबॉक्स करा, मग तयार होताय ना राणादाच्या वरातीत भाग घ्यायला..! #TujhyatJeevRangala Hardeek Joshi Akshaya Deodhar

zee marathi 发布于 2017年3月1日

The stage is set, the whole Maharashtra is currently in the wedding fever. Yes Rana Da & Anjali are getting married today. A few days ago a video was uploaded on Zee Marathi’s official social media handle has gone viral. A video in which, we can see the ‘Varaati’ dancing on a full on crazy dance number.

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The lyrics of this song that go like this,
Navar Devachi Farmaish Hay
Tyala Bi Nachaychi Khwaish Hay
Dhingana Karun Dostanchya Sangitana Nach Nach..

There’s a tribute to Sairat’s ‘Zingaat’ song as well. If you haven’t heard this song yet, watch this video & get in the right mood for dancing tonight in Rana& Anjali’s ‘Varaat’. The wedding has been among the most trending topics on social media. Whether it’s Rana & Anjali’s wedding invitation card or a virtual weeding event created on Facebook, all of this signifies the craze for ‘Tujhyat Jeev Rangala’ that too from all age groups.


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