Lagna Pahave Karun Upcoming Marathi Movie Stills

Lagna Pahave Karun Upcoming Marathi movie Stills

Produced By : Kiran Deshpande,Mohan Damle,Sanjeev Langarkande
Studio : Sprint Art Creations
Directed By : Ajay Naik
Star Cast : Mukta Barve,Umesh Kamat,Tejashree Pradhan,Sidhharth Chandekar
Movie Stills:


Plot Outline : Aditi Tilak & Nishant Barve start a marriage Bureau named “Shubhavivah” with a focus to arrange marriages which will never break and will last forever. They introduce a new process of “scientific marriage making” bypassing the horoscope matching process. Rahul and Anandi become the first couple to get married through Shubhavivah. However unexpectedly Aditi & Nishant face the challenge from Nalini Dikshit the most accomplished Astrologer of the City, who claims that the marriage will not work as their horoscopes are not matching. Will Aditi and Nishant be able to accept this challenge? Will they be successful in making the marriage of Rahul & Anandi work ? Watch Lagna Pahave Karun for the same.


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