Yad Lagal Song: Love in a slow motion | Sairat Movie

It seems that not only audience but Marathi film industry is also awaiting Nagraj Manjule’s new film Sairat. The full video of the song “Yad Laagal” was released recently and it was shared by most Marathi celebrities on their social media. The song has become an immense hit since its audio and promo release.

Ajay Atul-  the composers of this film have proved that they are becoming an international composers. The sheer brilliance of this song lies in the amazing symphony used by the composers. The song was recorded at the famous Sony Studios in US with the Live Symphony Orchestra. The video of this song does full justice to the composition. The song has been shot in a slow-motion where the lead actors Rinku Rajguru & Akash Thosar are slowly realizing their love for each other. The expressions of these love-birds are very genuine and take the song to another level.

Yad Lagal Marathi Song From Sairat Movie Ajay Atul Lyrics

The village is not our typical filmy village but a an authentic village with all the modern setting and yet it retains the country side appearance.

The film will be releasing on 29th April 2016 and we are sure that this film is going to create a history. Its music has already done it.

Here are the lyrics of ‘Yad Lagla’ songs, enjoy the song with its lyrics and we are sure if once you hear the song you will keep repeated.

याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं
रंगलं तुझ्यातं याडं लागलं गं
वास ह्यो उसात येई कस्तूरीचा
चाखलंया वारं ग्वाडं लागलं गं
चांद भासतो दिसाच मावळाया लागलं
आस लागली मनात कालवाया लागलं गं

याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं…
रंगलं तुझ्यातं याडं लागलं गं
वास ह्यो उसात येई कस्तूरीचा
चाखलंया वारं ग्वाडं लागलं गं

सांगवना बोलवणा मन झुरतया दुरून
पळतया टळतया वळतया माग फिरून
सजल गा धजल गा लाज काजल सारल
येंधल हे गोंधळल लाड लाड गेल हरून
भाळल अस उरात पालवाया लागलं
ओढ लागली मनात चालवाया लागलं
याडं लागलं ग याडं लागलं गं…

सुलगना उलगना जाळ आतल्या आतला
दुखन हे देखन ग ऐकलंच हाय साथीला
काजळीला उजाळल पाझळुन ह्या वातीला
चांदणीला आवताण धाडतोय रोज रातीला
झोप लागणं सपान जागवाया लागलं
पाखरू कस आभाळ पांघराया लावतोया


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