The Tradition of ‘Marbat’ Comes to the Forefront in ‘Bakaal’ Marathi Film!

Festivals like Ganeshotsav, Navratri, Govinda, Holi etc. have had ample representation in the world of films through songs and stories surrounded around them but a festival called ‘Marbat’ is unknown to those outside of Vidarbha! The festival has a rich cultural heritage of around 139 years! And yet the festival has never been represented in the mainstream art!

But upcoming Marathi film ‘Bakaal‘ directed by Sameer Athalye and produced by Rajkumar Menda is finally representing this great tradition through a song titled ‘Gheun Ja Ge Marbat’! The whole world would get to see the huge canvas of the festivities of Marbat festival celebrated in Vidarbha!

The backdrop of ‘Bakaal’ film is connected with the idea of Marbat festival! Just as the festival is celebrated as a symbol of ending all that is wrong in our society the film too deals with a similar story! ‘Gheun Ja Ge Marbat’ song is penned by Surendra Masram, the music is composed by Moreshwar-Nistane and sung by Adarsh Shinde & Dhanashri Deshpande. The song stars senior actors like Alka Kubal, Yatin Karyekar & other artists.


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