Once More Teaser: Popular Chef Vishnu Manohar Enters Film Industry

The first teaser of upcoming Marathi film ‘Once More’ has intrigued the audiences about the film. One can make out from the poster & promos of the film that it belongs to the genre of mystery! However nothing much had been revealed about the characters in the film. But now the teaser introduces some characters of the film.

‘Logical Jagatil Magical Goshta’ the tagline of the film also has characters that are unique & interesting. The mystery of the film will be revealed on the 12th of October. But before that, the first teaser of the film has impressed the audiences. The film stars debutants Ashutosh Patki & Dhanashri Dalvi in the lead & actors like Rohini Hattangadi, Purnima Talwalkar, Bharat Ganeshpure, Sushant Shelar, Vishnu Manohar & Naresh Bidkar in important roles.

This film is written by Shweta Bidkar & directed by Naresh Bidkar. ‘Once More’ is produced by Dhanashri Vinod Patil & Suhas Jahagirdar, while Vishnu Manohar, Nilesh Lavande, Abhay Thakur are the co-producers of the film. This film popular chef & TV celebrity Vishnu Manohar is making his entry into film production. Jointly brought to us by Vanshika Creations, Devsva Productions, Lavande Films & Vishnu Manohar Films ‘Once More’ releases in theatres from 12th of October!