Nude Marathi Movie Teaser: A Soulful Tale Of Humanity!

Ravi Jadhav’s hugely anticipated ‘Nude’ connects with us instantly on a human level. This small Teaser itself speaks volumes about the finesse with which this ambitious project has been made. Another important filmmaker Sachin Kundalkar has collaborated with Ravi Jadhav on ‘Nude’ as a writer.

Kalyanee Mulye stars in the lead as a woman who along with her son (Madan Deodhar) comes to Mumbai with her aunt (Chhaya Kadam) who works in the JJ School of arts as a Nude Artist! Then begins a new journey of our protagonist! At the end of this teaser we also get a pleasant surprise as we see veteran Hindi actor Naseeruddin Shah in the role of a painter who wishes to reflect ‘soul’ in his creation.

We hope the whole controversy that has surrounded around the title of the film shouldn’t stop the film from the reaching the audiences.