Nagarsevak Trailer: Any angry young man Upendra Limaye.

The trailer of Nagarsevak – Ek Nayak. The film stars Upendra Limaye in the lead role and Neha Pendse will be seen as the love interest of this local politician. The hardcore action film is directed by Deepak Kadam and produced by Shashikant Chaudhary under the banners of Jash Pictures.

The trailer shows a shrewd politician (Sayaji Shinde) and how he mocks democracy by winning elections by hook or crook. The hero (Upendra Limyae) stands against him in a local corporater election. The trailer heavily implies that this is a south-Indian style action melodrama. It also reminds us of famous Soth Indian (and later made into Hindi) Nayak. Though Upendra Limaye is a good choice for such angry young man role, he can do better than such melodramatic roles as he has done previously .

The story and screenplay is by Bipin Dhaigude and Abhijeet Kulkarni. The music is composed by Dev-Ashish. The socio-political drama will be released very soon all over Maharashtra.


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