Naal Trailer: A Unique Journey of a Little Boy

The much awaited trailer of upcoming Marathi film ‘Naal‘ produced by & starring Nagraj Manjule is finally out. At first we saw the song from the film that introduced us to the protagonist of the film, the little boy! We saw him pleading to his mother to play outside with his friends. Now in the trailer we see something so unique that it is never even heard before!

The little boy notices how a mother cries for her child. He is even curious about animals if they cry for their little ones. And then he asks his mother whether she even cries or not! His father too finds his little kid’s curiosity fascinating. We are then shown the other side of the story.

The little boy seems to embark on a long journey on his own! Why exactly does he take this brave step? Why does he want his mother to cry for him? All this countless questions arise in our mind after watching the trailer & we get extremely excited to watch the film! So for all the answers, remember the release date of ‘Naal’ which is 16th Novemeber brought to us by Zee Studios & Nagraj Manjule!


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