Manjha Trailer: Sumedh Mudgalkar Looks Terrific in this Psychological Thriller!

Manjha is a film that speaks about sensitive but essential subjects. Right in the adolescence, a person is more impressionable by the people he/she meets or develops a friendship with. Right from the posters & teasers ‘Manjha’ seemed to put light on this topic.

Now the trailer suggests that apart from this subject, the film is even more complex. The trailer truly pulls us by the gut. Sumedh Mudgalkar a popular dancer & previously seen playing a small role in ‘Ventilator’ looks terrific in this trailer. And the lead of this film ‘BP’ fame Rohit Phalke looks perfectly suited for his character. Ashwini Bhave plays Rohit’s mother in this film & has an important part in this story.

‘Manjha’ looks to be a psychological thriller. We don’t often see this style of filmmaking in a story that deals with young teenage characters. The maturity of the filmmaker is definitely evident in this trailer. All audience should definitely give this unique experiment a chance!