Lapachhapi Trailer: Be Scared! Be Very Scared!

Horror film is a genre that we don’t see often in Indian films let alone Marathi films. Though we’ve a huge group of passionate audiences who actually like to be scared. Those audiences have to look for Hollywood or other International horror films.

But now we have our very own international horror film in Marathi ‘Lapachhapi‘. Yes the film has been internationally acclaimed too. It has won over 15 awards in film festivals around the world. The trailer of this film is thrillingly scary. The whole backdrop of an old house in the middle of nowhere in a village. The glimpses of performances by Pooja Sawant, senior actress Usha Naik & the terrific looking child artists too are promising.

The audience would readily welcome such a fine looking horror film. Technically the trailer looks superb too & the sound design & background score adds to the overall ‘horror’ factor of the film. This film will hopefully set a benchmark for future horror movies that would be made in Marathi or even elsewhere in Indian Cinema.