Half Ticket Teaser: Mighty impressive!

The genuine intentions of some films come across right from the teaser itself. Even in that just 60 seconds peek into the film you realize that the director Samit Kakkad has poured in his heart and soul into the film. It is an honest effort to make something meaningful and not your usual run-of-the-mill dramas. Half Ticket teaser promises all this and a lot more.

The teaser opens with a montage of shots that are quintessentially Mumbai – the port, the goods train, the local train, and the slums. Beautifully captured by the cinematographer Sanjay Memane, who had also shot Shwaas, the montage makes it clear that the film is set in Mumbai. We are then introduced to a pair of kids. Seemingly brothers, the two of them are shown wandering on the streets of the metropolis. One spectacular frame after another shows us these kid from the slumsand their world; it is a Mumbai not often seen in films made in the city. They are shown walking in many of these shots with the older one carrying a bag full of something heavy. The kids are also seemingly having a jolly good time as well, despite their impoverished background. A rather cheerful background score by G.V. Prakash also reassures us that the film isn’t poverty porn.

Half Ticket Marathi Movie

All in all, Half Ticket looks like an immensely promising film that has been produced by Video Palace & directed by Samit Kakkad who has made Aayna ka Bayna before. It releases on 15th July, 2016.