Ganvesh Marathi Movie Trailer | Ft Mukta Barve, Kishor Kadam, Dilip Prabhavalkar

Ganvesh means uniform in marathi. And in the beginning of the trailer itself we come to know why the title. A minister is going to visit the school in a village of Maharashtra, so the teacher of the boy in our film tells him to wear a new uniform and only then will he be allowed to address the school in the presence of the minister.

This seems like another addition in the long list of marathi films in the recent past that want to tell their story through a child. Mukta Barve who is shown playing a police officer quips a little thoughtlessly that ‘is buying a uniform, like buying a bungalow?’. The boy belongs to an economicallyunderprivileged family and it indeed is a big task for them to get their darling boy a new uniform.Kishore Kadam is in his usual touch and impresses you in every frame he is part of. He seems to have got under the skin of the character of the impoverished father who tries his level best to get his boy the uniform. He is shown getting a little desperate to please his son.

Veteran actor Dilip Prabhavalkar is playing the role of the politician who visits the school. Mukta and him have a very touching conversation regarding whether we should celebrate our independence if we are not able to provide even basic amenities to the poor.

Ganvesh otherwise also seems like a moving drama that tries to throw some light on how wide the economic inequality in our country is. One can only hope that it doesn’t fall into the trap of becoming mawkish.