Dashkriya Trailer: A Perfectly Crafted Trailer of an Socially Important Film!

Earlier in the year ‘Dashkriya’ Marathi movie received three important National awards Best Screenplay for Sanjay Krishnaji Patil, Best Supporting Actor for Manoj Joshi & Best Feature Film in Marathi. Now the trailer of the film is out. And it definitely lives up to all expectations.

The best part about this trailer is that it is perfectly crafted & timed. It doesn’t reveal anything from the conflict of the film, yet it gives a good idea about the whole atmosphere of the film, the story & its social context.

Sanjay Krishnaji Patil who has previously written a masterpiece like ‘Jogwa’ is back with ‘Dashkriya’ after a long time. This trailer makes us think that this film touches on a sensitive topic about class difference & religious customs & rituals. Actor Manoj Joshi who won a national award for his role in this film looks in top form. The young child actor too looks perfect for the part. It is definitely one of the most important film of this year releasing by the end of the year!