Chi Va Chi Sau Ka Trailer: A Scientific Experiment of Marriage!

Paresh Mokashi mixed an interesting scientific perspective in his last film ‘Elizabeth Ekadashi’. And this time too, he seems to be using the science part as an important element to the story. However, beyond this Chi Va Chi Sau Ka definitely appears to redefine how our films have been portraying the institution of marriage for years.

We were introduced to Satyaprakash (Lalit Prabhakar) & Savitri (Mrinmayee Godbole) in the previous teasers of the film, but now this trailer gives more insights about these characters & they don’t appear mere caricatures. The film has a flavor of a slightly slapstick family comedy, but it definitely seems to have a point.

The changing idea of marriage & love in our world today needs to be given a perspective through our films & this new Zee Studios’ film definitely seems to be on the right track.

As usual Zee have preferred letting out the trailer just a few weeks before the film release, but we are sure that this trailer has everything that could attract today’s Marathi audience towards the film. Chi Va Chi Sau Ka releases all over Maharashtra from 19th May!