Charandas Chor Trailer: Charandas Has A Secret!

Charandas Chor’ is an upcoming Marathi film about a spot boy who runs away from with whole lot of money from the sets of a film! Till now we only had the idea of this interesting plot. But now the trailer of the film is out. It introduces us to Charandas’ journey after he robs the money from the set.

But how & why does he actually steal the money, still remains a mystery. It feels there’s some sort of secret that he is hiding inside him. He has a trunk a very colorful ‘Peti’ with him in which there’s that money! In one of the scenes we also see him drying all the notes at the bank of a river or lake!

We see many people who meet him in the journey asking him about what’s in the ‘peti’! He even honestly tells to an old woman that it’s money inside the ‘peti’. We wonder, why will a thief tell others what he stole? It definitely means there’s more to this Charandas Chor!