Bucket List Trailer: A Bucketful of Joy!

The much awaited Marathi movie ‘Bucket List‘ starring Madhuri Dixit has now moved an inch closer towards the audiences. The very first trailer of the film is out & seems to be a perfect film for Madhuri at this stage in her career! We see her as Madhura a middle aged woman who makes a vow to complete someone else’s ‘Bucket List’.

But through the journey of completing someone else’s Bucket list her character seems to undergo a huge transformation! Suddenly she finds the real joy of living her life! Every actor in the film from Renuka Shahane, Sumeet Raghavan to Sumedh Mudgalkar all of them seem perfect in their parts & appear as real characters.

‘Bucket List’ is set to release in theaters on 25th May. This holiday season we are sure that families would be having a great time in theaters watching ‘Bucket List’. This film might even inspire many Madhuras in the crowd to celebrate their life & create their own Bucket lists!