Baapjanma Trailer: The Universal Story of ‘Fatherhood’!

We’ve seen many Indian films made about mothers & motherhood. Very few films try to figure what exactly is it to be a father, that too not an out of proportion filmy style father, but a father we all have in our lives. A father who might have performed all the responsibilities of providing food, shelter, clothing, security to his children & family, but emotionally he has been distant from them.

The trailer of Sachin Khedekar starrer & Nipun Dharmadhikari directorial ‘Baapjanma’ makes us think about all this & the father in our lives. This subject itself is so refreshingly novel. The story of a man who has lived a certain way all his life & suddenly at a point he is made to rethink about everything. As if he’s been given an opportunity to correct his mistakes!

Sachin Khedekar has been in top form recently & this trailer suggests that it would be a sheer treat to watch him play this character!