Andya Cha Funda Trailer: In the world of Fantasy!

Marathi cinema though is well-known for it diverse subjects, not many times do we see a genuine fantasy film. Andya Cha Funda is an upcoming Marathi which looks to be an healthy exception here. A beautiful story about two friends in which one friend has unfulfilled wish & the other helps him complete it. The other friend of course is no longer alive, but is a spirit.

Technically the film looks beautiful & the natural beauty of Konkan region only adds to the overall finesse of the film. The child artists also seem to be playing their characters with great understanding & sensibility.

Andya Cha Funda is set to release on 30th June. Which means our family audiences can replenish their holiday memories while watching this film. Though there is also a darker context to the film, its presentation seems to be kid-friendly & even emotionally involving for adult audiences.