The ‘Lizard’ious Story behind Colors Marathi’s ‘Chahool’

Chahul - Sarda - Lizard - Colors Marathi Serial

Our favorite Marathi channel Colors Marathi is back with an exciting new serial ‘Chahool’. But surprisingly ‘Lizard’ has taken all the attention through its promos. Currently on air promo has the lizard in the last frame. This lizard is a metaphor to suggest something ‘wicked’ that will happen in this mysterious serial.

The lizard was treated as an artist during the shoot of the promo. Just like any star his likes & dislikes were taken care off! On set he the lizard was kept in a special closed box , but after the shoot he enjoyed the royalty of living in an air conditioned room of an high class hotel!

It feels good that a simple animal gets such treatment. This lizard also symbolizes the uniqueness of this serial which will soon be on air only on Colors Marathi! Chahool promises to break barriers of thriller & horror genre on Marathi television, hence all the adventurous audiences should not miss ‘Chahool’!


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