Amitraj & Adarsh Shinde Bring You ‘The Shaurya Anthem’ – Zee Yuva

Amit Raj & Adarsh Shinde

Shaurya – Gatha Abhimanachi, Zee Yuva’s tribute to the brave Maharashtra police premiered on 25th November. This show is telecasted every Friday-Saturday at 9 pm. So far the show has portrayed two important cases of 26/11 attacks & ‘Amirzada’ both through the real life cop’s character Issak Bagwan. Recently an anthem song was shot for the show sung by Adarsh Shinde & composed by Amitraj.

This song marks crowd favorite Adarsh’s debut on the small screen. On the big screen the Amitraj – Adarsh Jodi has always been a huge hit & we predict the same for the small screen.

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For the first television program is having a special anthem song in Marathi. The soing is very inspiring to the youth & the music is very effective. Both Amitraj & Adarsh belive that this song represents the bravery of Maharashtra Police & the audiences will have goosebumps while hearing it!

The lyrics of this are as follows:
Hi Gatha Abhimanachi
Hi Gatha Balidanachi,
Maharashtrachya Mavalyanchi,
Ya Rashtrachya Sanmanachi..
Pranpanane Ladhun Jaagle Je Kartavyala,
Saari Duniya Salaam karte Tyanchya Shauryala..
Shaurya Shaurya Shaurya Shaurya
Shaurya Shaurya Shaurya Shaurya