Zee Yuva Prem He’s 5th Love Story ‘Gudhi Premachi’!

Lalit Prabhakar & Bhagyashree Mote

Many a times the first meet turns out to be a debacle. Both parties have a lot of differences & hence little quarrels, disagreements, etc. But slowly & steadily the two parties can also fall for each other. Raising a new ‘Gudhi Premachi’! Yes Zee Yuva Prem He’s next story is a special treat on the occasion of Gudhi Padwa.

Lalit Prabhakar as Swapnil & Bhagyashree Mote as Amruta (1)

‘Gudhi Premachi’ is a story of two paying guests living together forcefully, without liking each other. Swapnil played by Lalit Prabhakar & Amruta played by Bhagyashree Mote are starring in this beautiful love story. These episodes directed by Pravin Parab will be telecasted on 27th & 28th March at 9 pm on Zee Yuva.

Gudhi Premachi Prem He Zee Yuva Serial Episode

Swapnil belongs to a rich businessman family. His father was always busy & hence Swapnil was very lonely growing up. He leaves his father & home & comes to a different city to live alone & on his own terms. He finds a job of a salesman too. Amruta on the other hand recently went through a break-up & wants to get over her ex & fulfill her dream of starting a dance academy. They both meet through an estate agent. They both had to share the same room to survive in the city. So what happens next? Do they keep quarreling? Or fall in Love? If yes, do they succeed in love? All these questions will soon be answered.Gudhi Premachi Prem He Serial Actors


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