Tujha Majha Break Up: Will Aaji Succeed in Bringing Sameer-Meera together?

Tuza Maza Breakup TV Serial

It’s a well-known belief that love is blind! Something similar seems to have happened with Sameer & Meera from Zee Marathi’s ‘Tujha Majha Break Up’. First, they fell in love than getting married. At first, things were all fun in their married life but soon their love for each other got overshadowed by their hate for each other.

They eventually ended up being separated. Yet after all that they have been through they still stayed friends. But when Sameer got engaged to Menaka Meera felt hurt. Sameer was forced into this engagement he didn’t really want it. And after the engagement, he has lost his patience. He warns his mother & Menaka that if they force him into marriage now he will leave the city. On the other hand, Meera has decided to break all bonds between her & Sameer.

Aaji in Tuza Maza Breakup Serial

‘Aaji’ is trying her best to resolve this nuisance. She has even assigned Arnalkar his work in her plan. On the other hand, Aaji starts creating misunderstanding between Menaka & Lata! Will Aaji be successful in bringing Sameer & Meera together? Will Sameer & Meera rediscover their love? All this is to be seen in the coming of episodes of Tujha Majha Break Up only on Zee Marathi.


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