Madhuri Desai as New Kalyani in Akkasaheb’s Family?

Madhuri Desai - New Kalyani in Akkasahebs Family

For the last 5 years Star Pravah’s ‘Pudhcha Paul’ has been loved by the audiences thoroughly. Soon a new twist is ready to shock the audiences. Akkasaheb was shocked after the death of Kalyani, but soon a new Kalyani is all set to enter Akkasaheb’s family.

Akkasaheb could never get over Kalyani’s death which happened because of Babya’s revenge. Akkasaheb feels no one in the family can replace Kalyani. For so many days Akkasaheb was firm on her values, but now she has decided to be practical. Because nothing substantial has happened with her habit of abiding by her values, hence Akkasaheb has taken a decision. Everone in the family is shocked by this changeover of Akkasaheb. In the midst of all this Samir meets a bar dancer named ‘Kalyani’ & his life takes a new turn.

Now who exactly is this new Kalyani? What’s her moto? Will a new relation be formed between Samir & Kalyani? How will Akkasaheb reat to this? So, such an exciting twists are line-up in Star Pravah’s Pudhcha Paool were all these questions will soon be answered. The Character of this new bar dancer ‘Kalyani’ is portrayed by actress Madhuri Desai.


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