Atul Tapkir ‘Dhol Tashe’ Producer Commits Suicide & Posts Suicide Note on FB

We all have talked countless times about the role of social media in our lives today. But whenever news comes out that a person posts a suicide note through such sites & then actually commits suicide makes us feel sad.

Atul Tapkir produced a Marathi film that starred Jitendra Joshi & Abhijit Khandkekar which was released in 2015. Though the subject of the film was unique the film failed at the box-office. And this loss in business affected producer Atul Tapkir’s personal life.

However the mental harassment that he went through (read his Facebook post) cannot be instated to his loss in business. It’s just sad that just like women, in some cases men too have to face harassment. Atul Tapkir wrote in his suicide note that the police couldn’t take his case as his wife came to the police first & hence the law will be by her side. He also requested our honorable CM to look into such cases where the man can suffer just like a woman.

We feel for Atul Tapkir’s father & other people who stood by him in his hard times. Rest in Peace Atul Tapkir, your voice has been heard & hopefully this will make the authorities re-examine our laws.