Sangeet Sanshaykallol is back with Prashand Damle and Rahul Deshpande

Sangeet Sanshaykallol, a milestone in Marathi theatre will be revived on the stage by Prashant Damle Fan Foundation in a new avatar. Prashant Damle and Rahul Deshpande will be recreating magic of this 100 year old play with their mesmerizing singing.

The Muhurat of this play was performed at Chief Minister’s residence. Actors and technicians from the play as well as dignitaries like Amruta  Fadnavis, Prashant Damle, Rahul Deshpande, Ramdas Kamat, Gauri Damle were present for this occasion.

Sangeet Sanshaykallol created a history with its musical brilliance. The songs from the original play are still listened by the Marathi audience. The play is directed by Nipun Dharmadhikari. Prashant Damle (Falgunrao), Rahul Deshpande (Ashwin Sheth), Uma Palsule Desai (Revati), Dipti Mate( Krutika), Chinmay Pataskar (Sadhu and Vaishakh), Nachiket Jog (Bhaadhavyaa), Neeta Pendse (Rohini and Magha) are playing pivotal roles.

The original play has more than thirty songs, but in the new avatar the play will feature 18 songs. The stage tour of this play will start on 15 April.


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