Palshichi PT (2019) – Marathi Movie

Palshichi PT Marathi Movie
  • Movie : Palshichi PT | पळशीची पीटी
  • Producer : Dhondiba Balu Karande
  • Director : Dhondiba Balu Karande
  • Studio : Green Tree
  • Star Cast :
    • Kiran Dhane as Bhaagi
    • Rahul Magdum
    • Rahul Belapurkar as Bidkar Sir
    • Dhondiba Karande as Deshmukh Sir
  • Story : Dhondiba Balu Karande
  • Screenplay : Dhondiba Balu Karande
  • Dialogues : Tejpal Wagh
  • Lyrics :
  • Sound :
  • Sound Design : Mayur Sakat
  • Music :
  • Background Music : Vinit Deshpande
  • Cinematography (DOP) : Sandip Jangam
  • Executive Producer : Suraj Babar
  • Editor : Sandip Jangam
  • Art Director :
  • Costume :
  • Make-up :
  • Presenter :
  • Choreography :
  • Co-Producer :
  • Visual Promotions :
  • Digital Promotions :
  • DI Colorist : Nikhil Gandhi
  • Genre : Drama
  • Release Date : 23rd Aug 2019

Synopsis : Bhagi is a daughter of a Shepherd who grazes his cattle near a place named Palashi. She is in 10th std, Grazing cattle in mountains makes her strong in running, she is physically strong. Inter school competition of running was completed on papers only by the P.T teacher, Bhagi was insisting to conduct the competition and was teased by the P.T teacher as “Don’t think you are a P.T Usha (famous Indian sprint runner) of Palashi” She came second at competition and P.T teacher refused to take her on district level and the responsibility was given to a Drawing teacher. Without stepping back, she continued her struggle and she stood first at district level. Meanwhile her father fixed her marriage.

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