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Kaul Marathi Movie
  • Movie : KAUL – A Calling
  • Producer : Chin2 Singh, Uma Mahesh Keluskar
  • Director : Aadish Keluskar
  • Studio : Chin Up Films & Zinzinat Productions
  • Star Cast : Rohit Kokate, Deepak Parab, Makrand Kajrekar, Saudamini Tikle
  • Writer : Aadish Keluskar
  • Music : Manan Munja
  • Sound Designer : Siddharth Dubey
  • Cinematography : Amey Chavan
  • Editor : Samira Kidman
  • Genre : Realistic Fantasy
  • Release Date : 18th November 2016
  • Runtime : 118 min

Synopsis : A school teacher in a village goes through a mind-wrecking journey without a choice. He witnesses an extraordinary supernatural event, but doubts its authenticity. Too many questions get raised in his mind. Trying to find those answers, he takes off on a mystic psychological journey with an Old Man, who is the only other person to witness that extraordinary supernatural event. As he starts exploring, he learns that, he is the ‘Chosen One’, with an assigned responsibility that might change the fate of his Universe. That puts him in a dilemma of whether he should be excited or petrified to be the ‘Chosen One’. His biggest challenge is to keep his sanity intact. The only choice left to him is to either complete the task assigned to him or get himself admitted in an asylum. Though the story is the genre of supernatural psychological thriller, the film tries to tell the story by following the cliches, but breaking the rules in which the cliches are told. A CALLING is a challenging film, which will not entertain by spoon-feeding its audience. Its narrative will make its viewers experience the film by engaging them in a puzzle, which even the protagonist does not comprehend completely. And that for us is ‘Experience as the New Entertainment’.

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