Unmatta Trailer: A Dark and Erotic Fantasy

Fantasy films are a rarity in Marathi or in general Indian cinema. So when a fantasy film comes out it creates a lot of buzz. One such upcoming film is a dark, erotic & psychedelic thrill ride starring Zee Marathi’s ‘Tula Pahate Re’ actress Purnima Dey! The teaser of the film makes us think we haven’t seen anything of this sort before in Marathi cinema.

Genres like psychological thriller, neo noir, horror, erotica & fantasy seem to be mixed together in ‘Unmatta’. It would be interesting to see how the audience reacts to this experiment! In Hindi we recently saw ‘Tumbbad’ & the voice over narration used in ‘Unmatta’ reminds us of that.

The catch line of the film ‘Ichha Japun Karavyat’ makes us wonder what exactly would be the plot of the film & how would all the characters introduced in the trailer behave in it! Moreover will the censor board pass the film without any censorship is to be seen when the film releases in theatres!


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