Triple Seat Teaser: Ankush Chaudhari Seems Lost in This Jumble of a Teaser

Ankush Chaudhari is widely considered one of the very few stars (in the truest sense) of Marathi cinema. Throughout his career he has maintained his exclusiveness to the silver screen medium. He has always been very choosy about his films too. The teaser of his upcoming film ‘Triple Seat‘ though strangely feels like a jumble. There’s hardly anything one can make out what the film is about from the teaser of the film.

The film also stars Bigg Boss fame Shivani Surve as the main female lead along with Praveen Tarde in a important role. The film feels like a half hearted romantic comedy that neither feels like a romantic film or a comedy! However we hope that film proves us wrong and entertains us and the audiences.

‘Triple Seat’ releases on 24th October which is right in the period of Diwali! Marathi cinema has had a very successful record at the box office during Diwali in recent years! So the audiences will surely be eager to come in theatres to watch Ankush in big numbers and expecting lots of entertainment!