Trailer : ‘Dhol Taashe’ ready to set it’s pitch high

Dhol Taashe’ is a story about a layman (Abhijeet Khandkekar) who strives to foster the regional tradition of ‘Dhol Tasha’ and how he joins politics for the same. The movie takes you through his fight with Sangram Shinde (Vijay Andalkar), Aditya Deshmukh (Jeetendra Joshi) and Gojiree Gupte (Hrishita Bhatt).

High on drama and an action packed film you will see Jitendra Joshi playing a brute politician who is seen spinning the wheel of Abhijeet’s future only to pilot his own supremacy.

The movie is produced by Bhramandnayak Movies, directed by Ankur Kakatkar and is all set to hit the theaters near you on July 3, 2015