The first look teaser of ‘Daagdi Chaawl’ is out!

Daagdi Chawl, ione of the most formidable den in the history of Mumbai will be seen on a silver screen. The teaser for this Daagdi Chaawl has been released on social media platforms. The teaser trailer is immensely power-packed and creates curiosity.

What we loved in the trailer is Ankush Chaudhary. After his sweet, cute romantic husband in Double Seat, Ankush will be seen in a completely different avatar. The eyes of this angry young man’s are blazing in the trailer itself- making our heartbeat skip a beat! We cannot wait to see his role in the film. The trailer claims to be a love story, so we wish he will have a romantic lead in the film as well, however, rest of the cast has not been shown yet.

The most important patriarchal figure (we will not name him, as trailer does not) is not shown clearly in the trailer, but the dialogue delivery and features reminds is of only one person- Makrand Deshpande. Known for his choosy yet substantial roles, we hope Makrand gives us something great.

Directed by Chandrakant Kanse, ‘Dagdi Chawl’ is produced by Amol Kale and Suresh B.Sawant. The film is set for release on 2nd October 2015.