The Different Flavours of ‘Gulabjaam’ Posters!

The constantly out of the box thinking filmmaker Sachin Kundalkar is back with his fresh new delicacy ‘Gulabjaam’. Ever since the different posters of the film were revealed the film has created a lot of buzz on social media. The film stars an unusual but exciting pair of Sonali Kulkarni & Siddharth Chandekar. Presented by Zee Studios ‘Gulabjaam’ is set to release in theatres on 16th February.Gulabjam Marathi Movie Poster

In one poster you can see Siddharth Chandekar’s character irritated by Sonali Kulkarni’s character whereas in the other you see the exact opposite! But the real fun part is the motion poster of the film! Probably the most innovative motion poster you had seen of a Marathi film. It also reveals the basic conflict of the film that Siddharth’s character wants to learn cooking from Sonali’s ‘Radha’.

Gulabjaam Marathi Movie PosterSiddharth Chandekar plays Aditya who has arrived from London to India just to learn traditional Maharashtrian cooking! While they meet as ‘Guru’ & ‘Shishya’ their relationship turns more into friendship! It would be exciting to see how their friendship grows & if there are any twists & turns in the story!