Suyog Gorhe Shines in & as ‘Satarcha Salman’ in the Teaser!

Hemant Dhome directorial ‘Satarcha Salman‘ has been talked about ever since the announcement of the film for it’s unique and catchy title! The film stars Suyog Gorhe in the lead titular role and while Suyog has been part of good, bad and average films in the recent times, this film seems really important in his career.

Suyog Gorhe plays a young boy from rural village in Maharashtra and has big dreams! What exactly are these dreams and how are they connected to him being ‘a hero’ or that too ‘Salman’ in particular is currently a mystery. Hemant Dhome is yet to make a really entertaining film as a director, but ‘Satarcha Salman’ definitely looks promising!

The voice-over narration in the teaser is done by Amey Wagh in his unique interesting way. ‘Satarcha Salman’ has also highlighted the roots of the people part of the film for example producer Prakash Sindhi coming from ‘Bikaner’, director Hemant Dhome coming from ‘Pimparkhed’ and so on! Whether the ‘home town’ backdrop would have any real importance in the film’s story or it’s just one marketing gimmick is to be seen!