Shikari Movie Trailer: The Return of Erotic Comedy in Marathi!

Once upon a time during the reign of Marathi’s biggest blockbuster star Dada Kondake double meaning erotic comedy was a norm! And all that happened in the mainstream of Marathi cinema. However after that this genre could only be associated with b grade films in Marathi or even in Hindi.

But now Viju Mane directorial ‘Shikari’ a film presented by Mahesh Manjrekar is making this brave attempt. The trailer reminds us of an old Hindi film ‘Anubhav’ in one way. ‘Anubhav’ starred Shekhar Suman & Padmini Kolhapure in the lead. The track of a childish girl (played by Mrunmayee Deshpande) getting married to the hero (Suvrat Joshi) of the film & then the hero looks elsewhere (Neha Khan) to satisfy his needs is pretty much common with ‘Anubhav’.

However the other track of ‘Shikari’ one that is connected with the film industry looks completely new! The makers of the film also said that ‘Shikari’ is a term that represents the mentality of many powerful men in the industry who hunt their prey. These preys could be any young artists that are looking for opportunities. It would be interesting to see how ‘Shikari’ manages to mix together these two different subjects together while also entertaining the audience.