Shikari Movie Teaser: Is This a ‘B’ Grade Film?

Well a teaser isn’t enough to judge a film completely. But we can’t stop being curious about the Viju Mane directorial ‘Shikari’. Presented by Mahesh Manjrekar this film revealed it’s first poster a few days back. While that poster seemed bold & path breaking the teaser looks grossly cheap & a cut out from a ‘b’ grade film that objectifies a woman’s body.

This coming from a director who made a film like ‘Ek Hota Kau’ (from Bioscope) is a surprise but then Viju Mane also directed the web series ‘Struggler Saala’. As of now we can only speculate if this teaser is deliberately made to appear grossly cheap & ‘b’ grade like or is the film really that bad! Whatever the case the film has the attention of the audiences right now & it will be interesting to see how does film gets benefited by it.

Apart from the actress Neha Khan none of the cast has been directly revealed. But by the end of the teaser we could hear actor-comedian Bharat Ganeshpure’s voice in a voiceover dialogue. But again that voiceover is poorly edited leaving us in split whether all this is intentional! The film is set to release in April as their tagline goes that this April the ‘Heat’ is set to increase!


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