Rubaab Pahije: A new song from Half Ticket

Samit Kakkad’s Half Ticket has already been praised for its superb visuals of Mumbai. Another song has been released from this film, and we are in love with these two kids. The amazing song describes “Rubaab” (attitude) of these two kids while they working in pitiful jobs and earning money on their own. The song showcases slum children working in Mumbai and their positive attitude throughout this struggle and hard-work.

The song has been sung by Harshavardhan Waware and composed by famous Tamil composer G V Prakash Kumar. Lyrics have been penned by Kshitij Patwardhan. The soulful lyrics and amazing composition makes this song very unique. The song stars Vinayak Potdar and Shubham More. The kids look very innocent and cute. The story of the film revolves around two slum kids and how their simple dream turns into a big game for the slum residents and other people.

The film has been produced by Nanu Jaisinghani, Suresh Jaisinghani, Mohit Jaisinghani. The film will be releasing in the theaters on 22nd July 2016.


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