Whatsapp Love Trailer: Modern Day Story of Rediscovering Love

The trailer of ‘Whatsapp Love‘ is out and it puts forward a modern day take on the subject of extramarital affair! The film stars Raqesh Bapat, Anuja Sathe and newcomer Sareh Far. Produced and directed by Hemantkumar Mahale ‘Whatsapp Love’ releases all over from 12th of July!

Many a times it’s believed that men or women who indulge in an extramarital affair are living in a troubled marriage that is causing them irritation and hence as a solution to that they indulge in an immoral extramarital affair. However ‘Whatsapp Love’ turns this belief on it’s head as the man who is lured by an outside woman is actually living a happy married life!

Hence ‘Whatsapp Love’ instead becomes a story of re-discovering love! A story of finding new reasons to again love your partner as passionately as you once loved them in the beginning of your relationship! ‘Whatsapp Love’s promises to be a romantic entertainer with a twist of thrill and also with an important message.