Once More Teaser: An Highly Ambitious Historical Adventure!

Ever since the first look of senior actress Rohini Hattangadi from ‘Once More‘ film went viral the excitement about this film has been sky high. While in that look the actress was seen reversing her gender as she played a man! That look hasn’t featured in the teaser of the film.

However the teaser of the still succeeds to create curiosity among the audiences. It feels like a one of a kind historical film that is mixed with the fantasy-advdnture genre! It truly feels highly ambitious for a Marathi film. It would be interesting to see how our audiences receive this experiment.

While one can’t really get a clear idea about the plot of the film from the teaser, it seems to be about a group of archeologists who are investigating a certain place which leads to certain hidden secrets from the history to be unfolded! ‘Once More’ hits theatres on 1st of August so be ready for a thrilling ride of adventure!