Girlfriend Teaser: Amey Wagh is the Good Boy in a Bad World of Girls!

Written & directed by writer turned director Upendra Sidhaye ‘Girlfriend‘ starring Amey Wagh & Sai Tamhankar is currently the most anticipated Marathi movie! Ever since the first posters came out the audiences have been excited for the film. Amey Wagh plays a completely different character distinct from all his characters before & his real self too! he seems to have put on weight for his role too!

The teaser of the film completely knocks it out of the park in terms of creating excitement among the viewers. We see Amey Wagh ranting about how girls befriend good boys to listen to their gossips & stuff, they use them as dust bins & throw them away once their purpose is served. Whereas all these girls fall in love with bad boys and not the good boys! To all the good boys living in the world this is extremely relatable!

‘Girlfriend’ promises to be a very contemporary rom com that especially the youth will relate to & enjoy! We have hardly had any such modern day rom coms that the audiences have cherished in Marathi! And now that two super talented and popular actors like Amey Wagh & Sai Tamhankar are a part of this film it surely would reach a lot of audiences when it releases on 26th July!